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New immersive work developed by bereaved sibling coming to  

London’s South Bank, August 2024: 


Amber Jarman-Crainey®, London based Movement Director and Storyteller has announced her latest immersive theatre production BOUND, premiering on the 24th August 2024 at Bargehouse, on London’s South Bank. The production will run for the public from 25th August - 7th September. BOUND encourages people to process, explore and reflect upon their grief through a multi-sensory experience.  


“B O U N D gives you the opportunity to step into the heart of the story and discover your own pathway through the production, whilst immersing yourself in nine stories developed from real examples of grief and loss shared through movement, live music, theatre and art. I invite you to explore, reflect, feel and interpret.” Amber Jarman-Crainey 


Amber started to create BOUND as an outlet for her own grief after losing her older brother in 2020. In the early stages of the process, it became clear that there was a real need for work in this field to open-up conversations around the reality of grief.  


Amber’s interest in movement and performance has always focused on human behaviour and memory. This is reflected in the curation of BOUND through the set and storylines and score. Amber has been working with a small team of specialists to build the work, including industry leading performers, grief specialists, doctors, charities and artists.  


BOUND is a world away from the classic theatre experience. There are no feelings of ‘them and us’. No rows of seats to observe from. Amber wanted to create a space where the audience has the power to lead their own journey and view what they feel interested in or connected to. Bargehouse facilitates this perfectly with the performance spread over five floors of the building. 


BOUND is tied together by nine storylines told by eight physical theatre performers. Lucija Bozicevic, Rosalia Panepinto, Vinicius Salles, Dominic Coffey, Adrienne Ming, Angela Smith, Lee Clayden and Julian Nichols. Each story has been developed from a place of truth, either from the performer's experience or an interest in the concept. Movement has been inspired by physical and emotional reactions to grief. Amber worked closely with each performer in solo rehearsals at first, which allowed Amber to support the performer in a more intimate way, with time for discussion and exploration. The key storylines found in BOUND are, Living Grief, Shelter, Gaslight, Rooted Love, Therapy, Mourning Meadow, Time and Subconscious Mind. 


Each room within Bargehouse has been designed by Amber and specialist who has an interest in portraying grief through their art. The key focus was to design in a sensory way, giving the audience the chance to engage with a tactile space. As the audience venture through the building, they will find for example a wild meadow, twisted willow structures, draping and installations. The nature of the set up means the audience will naturally flow through some spaces, being guided by the set. The audience can stop and observe if and when they wish.  


Aside from touch and sight Amber has also been focusing on sound and smell. Smell is one of Amber’s strongest senses and gateway to memories. She wanted to make sure that the audience experienced a range of aromas on each floor, hoping to transport them into a place of thought and memories.  


Filling the space will be the original score created by composer and musician Ann Warren, Amber and Ann have worked together on previous projects including award winning short film ‘Clamber’.  The audience will move in and out of the sound until reaching the top floor where the audience will be immersed in cello music played live by Madeline Napier.  


BOUND will end with time for reflection as the audience leaves the space.  


Custom seed packets will be gifted to audience members as they leave, allowing the work to continue to grow. Amber is currently in the process of creating ‘BOUND the Charity’, which will offer artistic forms of workshops and support for adults dealing with grief.  


To book tickets for BOUND please follow the link - BOUN Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite 


BOUND is gifting a limited number of free tickets to: 

​Students who are 16+ and studying an area that connects to B O U N D.  

​Licensed Therapists who are considering alternative ways to support clients in processing grief and loss.  


If you are eligible please email: 

You will need to provide a form of valid student ID or therapy license.  




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